travel and landscape photograper

I am a full-time photographer specialized in travel and landscape photography.
My photos graced the cover of hundreds of magazine such as
National Geographic Traveller, Lonely Planet, Geo, Meridiani, Sunday Times Traveller, L’Espresso, Meridiani, Le Figaro, Bell’Europa.

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Back from China

Me and my wife spent a month traveling southern China through iconic landscapes, magnificent landscapes, remote villages and incredibly crowded spots. We travelled hitching rides and walking, but also flying. Take a look at a small selection of photos:

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Polpo e Spada, Ed. Simebooks. Photography for a cooking book

45 recipes, 22 deeper insights, 100 photographs, 15 drawings.

Octopus, swordfish, and then tuna, bluefish, assorted small fish for frying or making
soup, red prawns, shrimp and clams all feature prominently in the seafood cuisine of Southern
Italy, served up in uniquely delicious dishes with authentic Mediterranean flavors. The result of an ancient
knowledge, the recipes in this book are a faithful representation of the culinary traditions of this land,
brought up to date in the light of a contemporary vision. Ingredients and traditions of the different
regional cuisines merge to create an encounter between Puglia, Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia,
Campania, Abruzzo and Molise.
Catch of the Day also offers a rich and detailed understanding of traditional fishing techniq ues
and seafaring culture, while recounting centuries-old methods, which have practically disappeared
today, and insights into the different species of fish and seafood preserves. All with an eye to the most
genuinely popular aspects of the culture of the sea in Southern Italy, in many ways a still archaic
universe, which still hands down its ancestral legends and stories with a legendary flavor.


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